Greek for Everyone – Fall 2019

The Institute announces an introductory Greek course designed to cultivate an understanding of biblical Greek concepts in order to enable deeper study of Scripture.

Having taken this course, the student will be able gain insight from the original language of the New Testament and will be able to interact with commentaries and other tools that discuss Greek grammar and its relationship to the meaning of the Biblical text. The student will also gain a knowledge of the most common words of the New Testament and be able to compare and contrast them with their English equivalents. In addition, the student will emerge with a better understanding of English and how to use it to communicate their ideas.

This course is suitable for both students and teachers of the New Testament. It also serves as a first year high school language course and as a preparatory study for a college level New Testament Greek course. The course will run for two semesters and will cost $150 per semester. The class will meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes in an online setting (video-conference) and will be recorded for those who might have other commitments during the scheduled time. Time and Date: Thursday 8:30am -9:50am.

Texts (tentative):

  • Thornhill, A. Chadwick. Greek for Everyone: Introductory Greek for Bible Study and Application, 2016.
  • Trenchard , Warren C. Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament, 1998.

Contact Dean Walker at (919-245-7016) to register or obtain further information about this course.