Geneva Institute Establishes Dual-Enrollment Worldview Curriculum

The Geneva Institute has established a worldview curriculum for dual enrollment studies. A primary goal of this curriculum is to prepare our young adults to live out their lives in faithful obedience, and to engage their culture to proclaim the gospel of Christ. As the image of the serpent underfoot indicates, Christ’s victory is not in doubt–we desire to see the rising generation live out that truth! Of course, there are other benefits of the curriculum that include 27 hours of accredited college credits earned simultaneously with up to 11 high school (year) credits!

The curriculum includes three planks: (1) engaging revelation, (2) engaging the history of ideas, and (3) engaging culture. The Institute is excited to offer this curriculum and believes that it will make a measurable difference in both the lives of our students and in the culture in which those students live. For more information on the details of this curriculum see: Geneva Institute Worldview Curriculum

For more information about this curriculum or the dual enrollment courses at the institute, please contact us at Or, call Ginny Walker at (423) 528-0299 to schedule an appointment with the director. We can help you determine how to integrate this curriculum into your student’s program of studies!