Spring 2021 Courses

The Institute’s Spring course list has been confirmed! Student courses include Psychology, Elementary Greek II and Western Civ II (note: Western Civ I is not required!). This semester’s open class for students and adults, with audit options, will study one of the most influential movements of our day: Existentialism. Please take time to look over these courses and contact me, Dean Walker (919-245-7016) for more information!

Dual Enrollment:

General Psychology.  Introduction to the general field of psychology. Emphasizes concepts helpful for understanding contemporary psychology and those basic to further study. (Monday 8:30-11:20 am)  (Partnering Institution: Bryan College)

Elementary Greek II.  God’s precious word is worth treasuring by exploring the nuances of its original language. Studying Greek gives students the same tools that helped build the Reformation, equipping them to begin a new reformation. One year of college level Greek fulfills HS graduation requirements. (Monday 1:00-3:50 pm) (Partnering Institution: Belhaven University)

Western Civilization II. Survey of significant developments in the world’s major societies with the emphasis on western civilization. Studies key occurrences through the early 20th century. (Tuesday 1:00-3:50 pm)  (Partnering Institution: Belhaven University)

High School, Adult, Audit:

Existentialism: The Philosophy of Despair and the Quest for Hope. This course will explore the rise of existential thought and its impact on contemporary culture. The commentary of C. Stephen Evans will serve as our guide as we engage the primary sources: Camus and Sartre; as well as their Christian counterparts Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky. We will follow their quest for meaning and values as they grapple with the philosophical loss of theistic foundations. Classes will be held twice a month on evenings to be determined by the course participants. A hybrid of video-conferencing (zoom) and in person evening classes will be utilized (full video-conferencing will be available for those unable to attend in person).