The Geneva Institute of Christian Thought will be offering a class in general psychology this spring. Psychology is a common required class for most college degrees, but why take psychology from the Institute rather than waiting to take it in college?

  Not only will taking psychology with the Institute potentially put you ahead in your college studies but most current teachings on psychology presuppose a naturalistic worldview, ignoring the importance of acknowledging God’s truth for right thinking and the destructive nature of sin. In contrast, the Institute presents psychology in a manner consistent with the Christian worldview. In the words of the Institute’s psychology professor Cynthia Carr:

“Each [psychology] content area will be examined through the lens of Scripture, bringing a biblical worldview to bear on mainstream psychology. The underlying philosophical assumptions of the major theories of psychology will be examined, allowing students to discern their compatibility with Scriptural principles.”

  Take this opportunity to learn general psychology from a Christian perspective in a small class setting, allowing students to delve deeper into the subject than a large class would, and answer individual questions. This gives psychology the potential to have a life value which is often lacking in traditional psychology classes.