College Tuition

Dual enrollment tuition/fee:

For Bryan College: $160/hr (tuition) + $20 (fee)

For Belhaven University: $100/hr (tuition)

These cost are further subsidized through grants and scholarships:

  • The TN Dual Enrollment Grant is available to students who maintain a 2.75 GPA. It is funded by the Tennessee Lottery. The student must complete the ACT examination before applying the grant to the second course. This grant applies to Bryan College only.
  • Bryan College¬†provides a Dual Enrollment Scholarship which further subsidizes the costs. The scholarship is applied only after the student uses the entire TN Dual Enrollment Grant.
  • The June Lunceford Scholarship provided through the Geneva Institute funds the Geneva Scholars Program. This scholarship applies to both Bryan College and Belhaven University courses.

For more information about Bryan College tuition discounts, please refer to their dual enrollment page.

Geneva Institute Fees

Geneva Institute Fees are $100 per semester plus $50 per class taken.

The June Lunceford Scholarship

The June Lunceford Scholarship provides up to full scholarship funding for students who demonstrate academic excellence or financial need. It is applicable to Geneva Institute fees and remaining college tuition (not covered by other grants and scholarships). Contact for an application.

Non-Degree Status, High School Graduate, Fees

Non-Degree Status and Adult Studies: $380 per credit hour.

Audit Fees

Some courses are available for audit ($75 dollar audit fee per class.)