Whether you plan to attend a college or enter a career you will face ideas and agendas hostile to the Christian way of life. Are you equipped to stand against the academic assaults on your college campus?  Or, within your workplace? The Geneva Institute’s dual-enrollment curriculum is designed to train students who will stand firm in the face of opposition, students who can lead reformation, students equipped to build a city on the foundation of God’s word.

Geneva’s Dual-Enrollment Core Curriculum

Engaging Revelation:

O.T. Literature and Interpretation Fall-21
N.T. Literature and Interpretation Spring-20
Elementary Greek I Fall-20
Elementary Greek II Spring-21

Engaging History of Ideas:

Great Books – Ancient World Fall-21
Great Books – Christendom Spring-20
Great Books – Renaissance/Reformation Fall-20
Great Books – Modern World Spring-21 

Engaging Culture:

Critical Survey of Worldviews Fall-20
General Psychology Spring-21
Christian Thought and Apologetics TBD

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