Small Beginnings, Big Dreams

Two weeks ago we completed our first semester at the Geneva Institute. It can be said to be small beginnings. Three courses, seven students, seventy-five classes held. I have been blessed to be a part of it. Our students are great!

This next semester we continue our Great Books course, this time studying Christendom; we transition from Old to New Covenant in our survey course; and we exchange philosophy with psychology introducing Cynthia Carr as our new faculty member. I am excited about these courses which are now available for audit (contact Ginny at for more information). We are also looking forward to our Summer Studies program and need some brave students to step up to make it a success.

Yes, these are small beginnings but we have big dreams. Mostly because we want our young men and young women to be strong in Christ and to transform our culture for Christ.

Occasionally someone might ask: “How can I help?” If you are one of those, there are ways and here are some:

– Spread the word! Tell others about our vision and what we are doing.

– Like and follow our facebook page and share our posts.

– Join our new Christian Thought and Culture group and participate in the discussion.

All of these things increase awareness of our work and mission and will help us grow to have greater impact.

Thank you all for  your support and your prayers!

Summer Studies in Christian Thought Scholarships

The Geneva Institute is pleased to announce two $1000 scholarships for our innovative Summer Studies in Christian Thought program this summer. These scholarships substantially reduce the cost for the nine week program designed to prepare young minds to engage our culture for Christ. They will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information about the program see the Institute’s information article, and the Summer Studies Flier.

For detailed information or to request an application please contact the director at