Scholarship Opportunities for GICT Summer Programs

Are you looking at the summer programs and thinking “I wish I had the funds to do that?” If so, there is some GREAT NEWS regarding scholarship dollars for the programs:

First, there are three remaining $500 scholarship for anyone who registers for both summer sessions. These are given on a first-come first-serve basis.

Second, we are now able to offer a dollar-for-dollar matching grant (up to $500) for anyone who works toward earning the tuition for a summer program. These grants are available for the first six requests upon registration for a summer program.  In addition, we will help line up work projects to earn the money for the matching program.

Consider that through the matching grants all of the tuition for Segment 2: Truth and the Christian Life may be earned. Also consider that $1000 of the $1290 tuition for Segment 1: The Christian and Culture (includes trip to Washington D.C) may be earned. And finally consider that by combining the scholarship and the grant all but $90 of the tuition for both segments may be earned!

For more information about the Summer Studies in Christian Thought program see: