Dual Enrollment Class – Critical Survey of Worldviews

One of the classes that will be taught this fall at the Geneva Institute is Critical Survey of Worldviews. Though this class is part of our partner college’s core curriculum (required for all degrees), some people might still ask whether it has practical value for either high school or college studies.

This is a fair question. The answer is that we teach worldview at the Geneva Institute not primarily due to its academic value, though it has some, we teach it because of its life value. The course will not only compare and contrast basic worldviews in relation to Christianity but will also address the implications for life of a Christian worldview.  This is the concern that Søren Kierkegaard expressed when he wrote,

the issue is not about the truth of Christianity but about the individual’s relation to Christianity, consequently not about the indifferent individual’s eagerness to arrange the truths of Christianity in paragraphs but rather about the concern of the infinitely interested individual with regard to his own relation to such a doctrine.

We share that concern and affirm that it should be the motivation for worldview studies.  We encourage you to take this class for its value for life. And, yes, it is an accredited class and does gain college credit!

For more information, contact at dean.walker@genevainstitute.org , or (919) 245-7016.