Executive Director gives lecture at SOLA Appalachian Christian Retreat

Last week the Institute’s Executive Director had the opportunity to give the first community lecture at SOLA Appalachian Christian Retreat. See SOLA’s blog for the text of the lecture: God’s Speech and Human Knowledge.

SOLA is a ministry to Appalachian Trail hikers and others who seek retreat into the mountains. It is overseen by Doug and Priscilla Douma. The ministry is multi-faceted. The first goal and primary emphasis in its early stages is to provide a Christian hostel for AT hikers. In accordance with that the main purpose of our director’s visit with his family to New York was to work on SOLA’s facilities. This included working on the indoor area (bathroom, stairs-painting, etc.), outdoor patios, and the difficult removal of a large tree on the premises. A secondary vision of the ministry is to provide a mountain retreat study for pastors and ministers.  A corollary of this second vision is to provide lectures for the community and others who might have occasion to visit the hostel.  It was toward this purpose that the Geneva Institute was pleased to make an honored contribution by providing the first lecture at SOLA!