Segment 2: Responsible Engagement: Truth and the Christian Life

How should Christians communicate truth to the wider culture? Learn how great Christian thinkers of the past like Bahnsen, Clark, and Schaeffer have answered this question, and discuss with Rev. Doug Douma, Pastor Patrick Hines, and Mr. Dean Walker how to apply scripture to our lives in the area of apologetics. (For more info on the summer studies program see: Summer Studies.)

Schedule July 9-26 (Tentative):


  • Apologetics, Evangelism and Worldviews
  • Apologetics Strategy and Intellectual Sins
  • The Gospel and Dismantling Unbelieving worldviews
  • Religion, Reason, and Revelation
  • The Origins of Presuppositionalism
  • What is Religion?
  • The Christian Axiom
  • Truth – A Historical Timeline
  • Francis Schaeffer and Christian Truth
  • Authority, Tradition, and Truth


Douglas Douma (trailname, Banzai) is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Wake Forest University, and Sangre de Cristo Seminary. He is a ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church – Hanover Presbytery serving as Assistant Pastor at Dillingham Presbyterian Church, and is the author of “The Presbyterian Philosopher – The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark.” He completed a northbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2013.

Patrick Hines is pastor of Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Chruch in Kingsport TN. He is passionate about presuppositional apologetics, particularly that of Greg Bahnsen, speaking regularly on the relationship of apologetics to evangelism. In addition to preaching and teaching, Mr. Hines is an accomplished musician often delighting his congregation and friends with impromptu piano performances.

Dean Walker is the Executive Director of the Geneva Institute of Christian Thought. He holds degrees in philosophy of religion (Th.M.) and Christian apologetics (MDiv specialization).  When he is not challenging his students with impersonations of various existential philosophers, Mr. Walker enjoys hiking and tending the responsibilities of homestead and family.

Tentative Book List:

  • Always Ready  Bahnsen
  • Van Til’s Apologetic  Bahnsen
  • Truth and Love  Follis
  • Essays from Tradition and Authority  Thomson
  • The Certainty of the Faith  Ramsay
  • Religion, Reason and Revelation  Clark
  • Excerpts from the Presbyterian Philosopher Douma
  • He is There and He is Not Silent  Schaeffer


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